Ploughing Match Results


Plot number   Trailed

1. Kate Walton

2.Albert Walton


Plot number   Mounted

3. Richard Keeves

4. Sam Hitchman

5. Nick Bayliss

6. Graham Trower

7. Glenn Bootman

8. Oliver Baughan

9. Brian Stillwell

10. Andrew Baughan


Boddington Working Weekend.

Plot Number                    Ferguson

1. Graham Trower

2. Brian Humphrey

3. Peter Morton

4. Richard Keeves


5.Dan Baseley

6.Sam Hitchman

7.John Perry

8. Brian Stillwell

9. Simon Shepherd

10. Nick Bayliss

11. Chris Peel-Yates

12. Don Baseley

13. Henry Evans

14. Andrew Baughan


18. Albert Walton

19. Colin Russell


Next meeting

Wednesday 20th July 2022

Woodford Halse Sports Community club, 8pm.

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Looking for missing Trophies: Please look in the WANTED section for details.


See the events pages for Ploughing matches coming up being held from different clubs.


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